WELLAGE Hyper Toning Sun Ampoule 50ml - WELLAGE

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whitening sun ampule84% moisturizing ingredientGlow sunscreen
WELLAGE Hyper Toning Sun Ampoule 50ml
    • Capacity

    • 50ml
    • Functionality

    • Whitening, Wrinkle Improvement and Ultraviolet Blocking Triple Functioning Cosmetics
    • Manufacturing country

    • Korea
    • Brand

    • Wellage
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UV protection Brightening & anti-wrinkle Triple function
Brightening sun care to lighten up
and moisturize dull and dry skin
Hyper Toning Sun Ampoule 50ml (SPF50+ PA++++)
This sun ampoule improves the skin tone and presents a skin care effect
as if applying a brightening ampoule.
Triple care with vitamin, glutathione and niacinamide
for a radiance that shines through from within
*Brightening glow care
*Above description is limited to niacinamide

Long-lasting hydration with the highly enriched
moisturizing sun ampoule containing
84% moisturizing ingredients

Cooling capsule
for soothing flushed skin

Brightening, anti-wrinkle, UV protection (SPF50+ PA++++)
Triple function sun ampoule for clearer and healthier skin
Sun Ampoule

Soothes flushed skin induced by irritation from UV rays

5,000ppm of Cooling Capsule
for frequent application to relieve skin from the heat


Vitamin (B5)

Skin revitalizing
Skin moisture retention


Skin clarity improvement
Skin revitalizing


Skin brightening
Skin nourishing

※Above description is limited to ingredient features.
Exceptional hydrating and firming effect of hyaluronic acid created based on HUGEL’s research
WELLAGE’s key ingredient,
hyaluronic acid uses 100% pureREAL HA™
obtained through a triple refinement process.
Patent application number: 10-2019-0088199
12-layer moisturizing effect
provided with the technology of HUGEL
Patented ingredient that delivers moisture to 12 layers of the skin from the epidermis with
high-purity hyaluronic acid developed by HUGEL and other active ingredients encapsulated in liposomes

Four types of amino acid
with different textures

Four types of essential amino acid
from filaggrin that work together to build
a strong and solid moisture barrier

Eight types
of hyaluronic acid
with different particle sizes

for enhanced absorption
from the inside of the skin
to the skin's surface

Skin Irritation Test Completed
·Test :
Human patch test of

primary skin irritation

·Institution :
Korea Institute of Dermatological Sciences

·Period :
November 15 - December 10, 2019 (publication date)

·Subjects :
32 adult women

·Method :
24-hour closed patch test

(observation 30 minutes, 24 hours and 48 hours after removing the patch)
Light beige ampoule
The formula is a richly hydrating ampoule
containing 84% moisturizing ingredients
to keep skin radiant and dewy.
Use at the final step of the skincare routine
Take an adequate amount and apply evenly on skin areas
that are easily exposed to UV rays.
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