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Firming and radiance careFirming boost up
WELLAGE Real Collagen Concentrate Ampoule
    • Capacity

    • 15ml
    • Functionality

    • Not Applicable
    • Manufacturing country

    • Korea
    • Brand

    • Wellage
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Now, pick the real ampoule
optimized for your skin needs!

Firming up for bouncy and dense skin!br> Special intensive firming ampoule
Real Collagen Concentrate Ampoule 15ml
Special intensive firming ampoule
with a high content of collagen water
Collagen water, a replacement for purified water
High content of 75%
*Collage water: Purified water, 1,2-hexanediol hydrolyzed collagen

Solid nourishing effect
of collageneer, the collagen booster

EWG Green rated mild ingredients
* Reference date: January 6, 2020 (including non-registered ingredients)

White lupin seed extract &
sunflower seed oil

Collagen boosting ingredient · Smooth retexturizing care


Skin moisturizing effect · Skin barrier care


Skin protecting effect · Skin suppleness

※Above description is limited to ingredient features.
Skin Irritation Test Completed
·Test :
Human patch test of

primary skin irritation

·Institution :
Korea Institute of Dermatological Sciences

·Period :
November 15 - December 10, 2019 (publication date)

·Subjects :
34 adult
Nourishing translucent formula
features a soft texture
and nourishes skin.
Use in the ampoule step of your skincare routine
Take an adequate amount, gently apply
along the skin’s texture and let the skin absorb.
Cautions for Using Container

Due to the container properties, gently shake before
re-dispensing for easy release of the formula.

After use, turn the silver button on the top
towards ‘CLOSE’ (to prevent leakage).

Personalized to my skin problem, #Intensive Ampoule DIY
Tips for layering ampoule

Dry and dull skin

Layer Hydrating + Brightening Ampoules

Dull skin that has lost its vibrancy

Layer Brightening + Firming Ampoules

Loose, lackluster skin

Layer Firming + Hydrating Ampoule

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