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Brand Concept
WELLAGE, highly functional dermacosmetics to restore the skin to its best and youthful condition
Restoring the skin’s natural health for true well+Aging

Clinical Derma for Skin Wellness

WELLAGE, clinical dermacosmetics for a healthy beauty of the skin

WELLAGE helps you fill the skin with substances that you’re currently lacking and
maintain the optimal condition everyday to turn back time and regain the skin’s health
and innate beauty in the most natural way.

WELLAGE’s’ continuous moves towards innovation to keep the skin health in its most natural conditions
WELLAGE takes the lead in the journey of advanced dermatological science for the skin.

 Hugel Inc,  Ji-hoon, Sohn  211-87-04515  2018 Seoul Gangnam 0084
  61-20, Sinbuk-ro, Sinbuk-eup, Chuncheon-si, Gangwon-do, Republic of Korea 24206  1544-5339  Ji-hoon, Sohn
 ms.park@hugel.co.kr  cy.wi@hugel.co.kr

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